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A place to learn about and share your experiences about Angels, Crystals, Reiki, and lots more.Strictly an over 18yr old site
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 Website Disclamer... Please do read and sign... so we know you have read it.

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PostSubject: Website Disclamer... Please do read and sign... so we know you have read it.   21.03.09 9:12


This site is for people over 18 years old only. Anyone under this age will be removed from the site and banned until they reach 18.

Please Note due to the new fraudulant law passed in 2008 in the UK that all readings and healing done on our site are purely for Entertainment Purposes only and strictly over 18 year olds, we would appreciate you respect this... and that you understand this 100% and agree to this.

Any information given in readings and/or from members or staff of the site is not in any way guaranteed correct and accurate. Guidance and advice can be given, readings and healings can also be given, but please note that at no time should any readings or healings susbstitute advice and/ or treatment given from your GP or hospital, or treatment from mental or physical healthcare professionals, either given in the past, present, or future. Advice should also sought from the correct authorities for financial support and guidance, legal support and guidance. If in doubt, please refer to support from these authorities/ professionals as we are unable to help.

Please be aware that fraudulence will not be permitted and will result in an instant ban. We will do our utmost to prevent fraudulent users on the site, however this is in no way any guarantee that you will avoid these people, and is no guarantee that anyone who claims they are a healer, psychic, medium, shaman or otherwise are who they profess to be. Please also be aware that any information given in a reading does not mean that it will happen. There are no guarantees that information given in a reading will be correct and accurate, as nothing can be ultimately definite.

Staff and helpers are here to guide you and to help eachother to grow. Everyone has differing opinions, and different religious beliefs. In no way is one belief to be held in higher esteem that another. The staff here are dedicated in helping others to find their own paths in life, not to force others to follow theirs.

Please also remember that when you register with the site, that the details you provide will be in the public domain. If you choose to provide this information, and choose to allow others to see this information, then LilyAngel is in no way liable for this information being shared by you. Please also remember that using names and information that are used in other sites may also cause confusion, realisation of identity (such as usernames and dates of birth/ star signs being shown). LilyAngel does not accept any responsibility or liability for information you choose to share on this site, or other sites.

Please remember that things may be discussed in the chat rooms that people may class as confidential. Please be aware that when you share information that it is on public domain and may be open to misuse. Please respect others privacy and confidentiality on this site, do not feel forced to share information or details about yourself.

All readings and healings on this site are free of charge, anyone offering services for a charge are not endorsed by ourselves. Please do not share any personal identifying information or bank details with anyone on this site. Please report any instances of abuse to the admin of LilyAngel as this will not be tolerated.
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Website Disclamer... Please do read and sign... so we know you have read it.
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