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PostSubject: Copyright...   21.03.09 9:42

Can we please ask that all members read this post and please sign it so we know you all understand... Copyright is a very serious thing to do and some people may not fully understand the implications of doing so... some people may not think that its okay to post someone elses work and put the authors name ect on it... It doesn't work that way so guys please be careful what you post... make sure it is your own work and that you haven't got it posted some where else on another site... as another site may have the rights to your work (even though you are not aware of this) once posted on another forum... even if it is your own work...

So again... please read this and please understand if any thing has been taking off the boards, it is merely for your own safety as well as the sites okay? as even though you may post something with the name of the person who orginally has wrote this, they may not be so nice to find out there work is being posted without asking permission... I know many people may post something and feel no harm is being done however this may not be the case if the orginal author finds out... this could lead to very serious trouble both for the person who posts something and also I myself with it being my site which is why I ask you all to please read and sign... thanks for the understanding...
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